Quality Control

Ultrasonic Test (UT) 

Magnetic Particle (MT) Test​

UT​ is a testing technique based on the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the object or material tested. In most common UT applications, very short ultrasonic pulse-waves with center frequencies ranging from 0.1-15 MHz, and occasionally up to 50 MHz, are transmitted into materials to detect internal flaws of pressure containing parts or welding joints.

Non-destructive Test

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in the industry to evaluate the properties of a material or component without causing damage. Commonly utilized NDT methods include ultrasonic test (UT), magnetic-particle(MT), liquid penetrant (PT), and radiographic (RT). Other than outsourced RT, our companies have in-house capabilities to do all these tests to ensure the integrity of materials and components before integration to a valve.

MT is utilized for defects on and slightly below the valve surface. For quick, low-cost inspections, MT is often the best NDT method for detecting surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities.