G Series Literature Download

Features on Demand

  • Double piston effect design (DIB-1 type and DIB-2 type)
  • Live-loaded stem packing feature;
  • Lip seal design
  • Cryogenic service design ( -196 °C ​ or -320 °F)
  • Extended stem design for buried service

Standard Features

  • Double block and bleed
  • Spring loaded floating seat design
  • Cavity pressure self-relieving
  • Multiple seal for protection against external leakage
  • Stem separated from the ball and anti-blowout design
  • Triple seals for protection against stem leakage / Meet TA LUFT & ISO 15848
  • Stainless steel trim parts for 4” and smaller / ENP plating for trim parts for 6” and up
  • Antistatic device
  • Emergency stem and seats sealant injection fitting
  • Fire safe to API 607 & API 6FA
  • NACE compliance and fully comply with MR-0175